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Mark M. Holeman, Inc. is a full service landscape firm that for more than 50 years has been providing design, construction and maintenance expertise to residential, commercial and institutional clients throughout central Indiana.

Since its founding in 1962, Mark M. Holeman, Inc. has created countless distinctive landscapes and with them has established a reputation for excellence. Knowing that a landscape is never finished, the firm prides itself on the many lasting relationships it has forged with its clients and their evolving landscapes.

Landscaping To Attract Butterflies

Thinking back to my childhood memories of summer, it seemed the butterflies were as plentiful as the endless summer days. Those recollections might be somewhat tainted by nostalgia, but it is true that butterfly populations do seem to be on the decline. It is...

Remember The Drought?

Remember the drought? During most Indiana summers, we experience at least a few months of warm, dry conditions. Although this summer so far has been on the wetter side, we don’t have to think too far in the past to recall the severe drought of 2011 followed by...


Through his decades of work Mark Holeman established himself as an industry and community leader. In retirement he remains an artist and a gentleman and his legacy continues through the company’s dedication to exhibiting superior design sense, quality workmanship, constant professionalism, personalized care, generous community service and impeccable taste.

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